Plants as Decor: Tips for Decorating with Plants

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When you flip through magazines or scroll through Pinterest of decor inspiration, what is one thing most of these images have in common? Typically, there is a plant somewhere to add a touch of greenery. Greenery helps break up the bland in addition to cleansing the air and boosting your mood.

Did you know using plants as decor provides you with everyday euphoria? It is like your mind automatically finds a happier and more peaceful center when you coexist indoors with plants.

Many factors go into decorating with plants. Placement, color, flowers or no flowers, usefulness, and whether to use hanging baskets or floor vases are just to name a few considerations.

Finding the Perfect Spot

When decorating your space with plants, you need first to consider where you want to incorporate plants into your space. Do you have an empty shelf that needs some color? Do you have a bare corner that could use some life? What about a bedroom window that seems somewhat dull, needing a statement piece? Or a hanging basket in front of the kitchen window? The options are endless.

Grab your notepad, walk around your space, and jot down all the places you think need some foliage, then get to searching. It is much easier to find a plant to fit a space than making a plant fit into an area you may not like.


When using plants as decor, you can use color to make it fun. Greenery is elegant, soothing, and works in any space, but what about those areas that could use a pop of color from flowers? There are tons of plants that have flowery blooms to spice up space when decorating.

If flowers aren’t your cup of tea, there are also plants with colored foliage or pops of colors on the edges. Lipstick Echeveria succulents have red edging on the leaves, and Purple Hearts have ranges of deep vibrant purple leaves to name a few options.


Plants as decor do not have to be plants to simply look at; you must consider versatility. Growing herbs in your kitchen is a great way to decorate your space, add brilliant aromas, and have a personal herb garden.

Mint, Parsley, Basil, Lemon Grass, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Lavender, and Chamomille are some of the classics to keep in kitchens.

Aside from the basics of picking out where you want to place your plant, you need to consider the care requirements of the plant before you bring it home. Plant care varies from neglect thriving to high maintenance. Think about what your lifestyle permits timewise and what you are truly capable of providing for a decorative plant.

Succulents could be the best option for you if you’re a busy body that, no matter how hard you try, cannot remember to water your plant until your lying-in bed at one am and suddenly think about it. On the other side of the spectrum, you could have the time to care for the delicate plants that need their soil to stay slightly moist and thrive in high humidity.

We have researched and cultivated a list of the 7 top plants to use as indoor decor.



Orchids are very tolerant plants, but what makes these unique is they are not just green; they produce beautiful flower blooms. They require minimal work, and with a bit of care, these flowers will bless you with their beauty. Orchids are a fantastic option to place on bookshelves, tabletops, or countertops.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe, number one succulent that everyone should own. It is simple to care for plants, has minimal requirements, and provides medical benefits to soothe burns, cuts, and scrapes. Aloe plants are great additions to bathrooms or kitchen windowsills.



If your goal is to create a personal oasis, then a Bamboo plant will do just that. Bamboo grows more than wide making it optimal for room corners, bare spaces in bathrooms, or any place indoors that you want to soak in calm and peaceful vibes. Bamboo plants are not only a great decoration; they are hardy plants that will survive even in the worst conditions.

Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts

The purple heart is just as the name describes, bright purple, vibrant plants that will be the heart of any room its graces with its presence. To show their deepest colors, these plants do best in bright sunlight so, finding a sunny spot is crucial indoors.

Golden Pathos Vine

Golden Pathos Vine

Pathos are another one of those joyous plants to own if your green thumb is a little bluer. These plants can thrive in poor conditions. The way the Golden Pathos Vines makes it perfect for decorating around windows, hanging baskets, doors, and trellis.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake plants are fun, spikey foliage that will be the statement of its space. These plants do not require much effort to help survive, making them perfect for decorating. The sword-like leaves will surely spark a conversation at your next dinner party.

Rose Succulent

Rose Succulent

Rose succulents are a favorite among succulent lovers; they are low effort yet still produce the rose shapes we all know and love. The rose succulent can be green or dusty pink in color depending on your preference, allowing you to personalize them to your space a bit more.

Incorporating plants as decor is meant to be fun so do just that have fun with it. You will never have too many plants.


Finding a statement piece all depends on the space you have available. Typically, a large palm tree would make a room or if you are into color, look into vibrant even neon-colored plants for a color statement. Statement pieces can be anything that grabs the eye.

Herbs are great. To some, they appear minimalistic but, imagine walking into a beautiful kitchen and seeing a stand-alone herb garden or a small herb garden on the counter. That would instantly make the space feel more welcoming and relaxing, plus it would be great to have most of the herbs you need growing there in your own kitchen. 

If you are adding a plant to your indoor space, you will need to research that plant’s individual care requirements. Figure out your plants’ humidity needs, water requirements, soil preferences, fertilizer needs, and necessary sunlight to thrive.

If you add plants to your indoor space and want to incorporate color, opt for plants with color on the leaves or flowery blooms. There are so many options to fit your wants.

Decorating with plants should never be about what is most popular. It should be about your taste and what you are looking for, color, shape, size, and care-wise. We named Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Purple Hearts, Rose Succulents, Golden Pathos Vines, Bamboo, and Orchids on this list because they are all great plants, but they are on this list to help provide you with ideas not to persuade you to choose one of them unless you like their appearance.

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