Amaryllis Flowers

Amaryllis flowers are hard to categorize. The tropical and exotic look of the flowers is one of the reasons people like growing them.  Amaryllis flowers are easy to grow and forcing them to bloom indoors is a snap. You can buy them boxed, potted and ready to grow by just adding water. It takes Amaryllis flowers about six weeks or longer to bloom. The plant can grow up to two feet. The flowers are big, bright, trumpet shaped blooms that can cheer up any indoor garden scene.


Most Amaryllis flowers will go dormant naturally. They usually re-bloom sometime during the winter months. Since it is very popular during the holiday seasons, you will find abundant supply during the Christmas seasons. The word Amaryllis is derived from the Greek word for “sparkling” which is appropriate because they can brighten up your lawn or bring that sparkling touch to your indoors garden.


You can also grow Amaryllis flowers outdoors in frost free areas. The best way to grow amaryllis flowers is to plant bulbs with the upper third above the ground in very rich potting soil. The plant and bloom grows big. Put just one bulb into a five inch or larger pot.


Use growing containers slightly bigger than the circumference of the bulb. They do not need a lot of soil and growing space indoors. The growing pot should also have holes in the bottom for good drainage. Indoors or outdoors, your Amaryllis will benefit greatly from much sunlight.


In order to allow your Amaryllis to re-bloom naturally, try to cut off the flower stalk after blooming ceases, but let the foliage continue to grow as long as it can. Also keep it in bright light, indoors or out. Keep the soil just moist, but not wet.


When the flowers start to fade, repeat the process. By allowing the plant to bloom naturally, your will get larger plants and flowers.




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