African Violets

African violets are just so easy to grow, and probably the most popular among indoor house plants. African violets sometimes shy blooms often last for several weeks. The plants prefer lots of sunshine, but do avoid hot rays during the summer months. Artificial lighting can be used if little sunshine is available.



For planting, do use a pot with openings in the bottom to allow for good drainage. You can easily find soil mix and fertilizer specifically for African violets. Use fertilizers high in phosphorous to help promote blooming. Avoid high nitrogen formula fertilizers if you want to see blooming violets.



Always water through the soil and never let the leaves get wet. Watering the plants every three days is ideal if needed. The plants grow better with warm water. It is better not to get water on the leaves because of spotting. Water drops will cause dead spots on the flowers of African violets.



The most ideal temperatures for African Violets are 76 degree days and 65- 75 degree nights. Always, keep your African violets indoors and by a window because they do like their sunshine.



To keep your African Violets healthy, re-potting every six months or so is necessary. I do re-pot mine twice a year and they don’t seem to mind the delay. Re-potting gives the plants new nutrients through having fresh soil, and also helps get rid of fertilizer salts that may have built up and this will help grow new roots.




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