This very attractive foliage plant compliments most containers used for indoor gardening. Coleus can thrive in sunshine, but the leaves are greatly enhanced in the shade. They are very durable and also easy to grow. You can single them out by their bright colors, and variety of foliage forms. They are also called “tender perennial” because even the slightest frost will eventually kill them.



Coleus plants are quite striking when they are planted in a container, and grown as a house plant. By removing the flower spikes as they develop, and keeping the plant pinched back, the Coleus plant can be kept in a perennial state for several seasons.



Most plant stores will have coleus plants in variety of sizes ranging from bedding plant which comes in six packs, to massive specimen sized hanging house plants. Most people buy the full grown coleus plant because of the striking color and beautiful foliage. With proper care and patience the seedlings little plants can also grow to such beauty.



The intensity of light which the plant gets will definitely have a direct bearing on the intensity of the foliage coloring. Most varieties will produce their best color in light shade, but few of this fickle plant look best in bright lighting. It is better to use florescent grow lights, to bring out even more intense and vibrant coloring. You might do better by choosing a variety of the smaller ones and watch them grow and develop into a nice, vibrant, colorful adoring house plants.



Coleus plants are easy to care for. Always keep the soil moist, but never soggy. Liquid house plant fertilizer should be applied once a month to enhance growth. The ideal growth temperature is between 74 and 85 degrees. Do keep a watchful eye for mealy bugs, aphids, slugs, snails and whitefly.



Coleus plants bring color, brightness and also compliment your indoor house garden. Since it is easy to grow and care for, include the coleus plant in your indoor gardening designs.



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