Geranium plants are easy to grow and do fit well in home gardens, container gardens, flowerbeds. They are beloved for their big, bright bloom and also because they are easy to grow and can grow anywhere.



Home gardeners can use Geranium plants in a wide variety of ways. The plant is well suited for container gardens by themselves or with other flower plants. They do grow well in flower gardens along with your other favorites. This hardy plant can withstand light frosts but the ideal temperature is 70 degrees. Geranium plants prefer lots of sun shine.



You can grow them from seeds or cuttings. Most people buy them as small plants from garden stores at very low prices and then re-plant them around the garden or in suitable containers. It’s best to plant them in full or partial shade. Adding compost and fertilizer will maximize growth and plant health. Geranium plants produce bright white, red or pink blooms. To promote continuous blooming, it is best to pinch or cut off the blooms after they die.



Most Geraniums plants live approximately 18 months. They will last over the winter as indoors house plants. Getting them to bloom indoors can sometimes be a little difficult, as they often go dormant, or just grow slowly. After transplanting, place them in a cool, but sunny location. Don’t over water for they prefer soil on the dry side. Do fertilize once a month.



If you want to grow cuttings, snip off several new growths, about 2-4 inches in length. Then stick them in very moist potting soil. Keep the soil moist and they will root. Come spring they are just about the right size for planting in a container on the porch or directly in the garden. Geranium plants are not prone to insects and diseases, but if a problem occurs treat it early.




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