Poinsettia gives out dark green leaves and bright colored flowers. When purchasing, if either the leaves or flowers are dry or brown around the edges, select another plant. At the garden store look for flowers that are completely open. Poinsettias can be slow to open, but once they bloom, the flowers can last for several weeks.


In cold weather, make sure to wrap up the plant well for the trip from the store to the car. It is true short exposure to cold and wind can damage your new Poinsettia plant before it is even home. Poinsettias are propagated by seeds, but the seeds are difficult to find.


Poinsettias will retain their blooms long after you have put away the Christmas decorations. If you are lucky, they will last past Valentines Day. After bringing them home, it is best to keep them in a sunny room; with ideal temperature range is 63 – 73 degrees range. Keep them away from drafts or high heat like a furnace vent or fireplace.



Always water thoroughly, and then let the soil dry between watering. Poinsettias plants are forgiving. If the plants begins to dry out, give them more water and they bounces right back. If the leaves turn lighter green, give more sunshine and they bounce right back.



Always give it a good trimming, into a nice rounded shape. Apply general purpose fertilizer every two to three weeks. Poinsettias cannot survive any frost. They can grow up to 10 feet in ideal tropical climate. Some would say poinsettias are difficult to bloom unless some tricks are forced upon the plant.



I totally disagree on this trick, like putting black bag to create total darkness. When you have taken care of the plant properly, blooming will happen naturally.




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