Impatiens is one of my favorite indoor garden plants. It provides bright colors when fully bloomed and can last a long time. You will get to love this plant as my garden would be boring without them. They are so easy to grow and require less care unlike some other plants I know. With just a little tender care, Impatiens make excellent container plants, and will beautify any container for a lush look that requires less effort on the part of the gardener. Impatiens is simply the most popular indoor plants in the world.



These attractive indoor shade annuals got their botanical name just because their seed pods explode when they ripen, exposing their sticky seeds far and wide. Perhaps that is why these annuals are impatient to reproduce.


You will discover a good supply of impatiens at nurseries and garden centers in the spring. For optimal success, choose bushy-looking plants with leaves that are just so lush and green. Impatiens is available in many colors – pink, red, white, rose and sometimes mauve. You can purchase them in single, semi double or fully double flower forms.



Impatiens makes good indoor plants but one must be aware crucial care tips. Water is necessary for excellent growth, so make sure you water them at least every other day. Do not let the soil dry out or you might have a dead plant in your hands. They require less sunlight. Put them in a shade and they will grow fine. Direct sunlight might wither the plant. Avoid exposing your plant to frost. Apply liquid organic fertilizer once every three weeks to produce the most succulent of all plants.



Impatiens does not have much infestation problem, but do watch out for the occasional bugs and plant insects. Use organic products to eliminate the parasites at first site and you will have well bloomed plant in no time at all.



Impatiens make great container or window box plants especially in filtered shade. With just a little tender loving care your impatiens plant will add to and compliment your indoor garden. They will bring vibrant bright colors that will make all your house plants sparkle!




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