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Philodendrons are a diverse and thriving genus, with around 700 different species available. Many people think that Philodendron plants are poisonous, but this is not true! There are many other plants that can be poisonous if you ingest them.

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Philodendron plants belong to the Araliaceae family and the genus Aralia.

Philodendron bipinnatum:

Philodendron bipinnatum is a flowering plant. It originated in Brazil and grows in North America, Africa, and various islands throughout the Pacific.

Silver Queen:

The Philodendron Silver Queen is an evergreen plant that can be grown in any home. It is known to be quite popular among the people, who are looking for a low maintenance plant.

It has long, smooth leaves with a silver-green hue, hence the name “Silver Queen”. The plant grows by climbing on trees or other nearby plants. It can grow up to 10 feet high and 1 foot wide when fully grown

Tropical Snowball:

Philodendron Tropical Snowball is a type of plant that belongs to the Araceae family, and is characterized by its large leaves that are usually dark green. It can grow to be between 18 inches to 3 feet tall. It has hairy stems and has a long, sharp spines on the edges of the leaves.

The Philodendron Tropical Snowball is an indoor plant, which can be grown in full sun or partial shade if provided with proper care. They need only fertilize every 2 weeks, water them weekly or twice a week, and need adequate drainage due to the fact they are sensitive to flooding. They also need their soil to dry out before they are watered again – this may be difficult for those who have time restraints.

This plant needs careful care since it is sensitive to too much water and too little light.

Philodindron selloum:

Philodendron selloum is a plant that is native to Central America. It grows best in wet, humid conditions and can reach up to 15 feet in height. It has broad leaves that are typically green but also comes in yellow, red, and purple.

The plant is popular with gardeners due to its ability to grow well in various conditions. Gardeners may use the Philodendron selloum as a trellis for other plants or as an obstacle on the border of their garden because of its size.

Possible Uses:

Do you have a small space at home? This plant will help you decorate it while also making it feel more spacious. If you are someone who likes to have greenery at home but don’t want to take care of too much, this plant is perfect for you!

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Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Philodendron selloum

Philodendron cordatum

Philodendron selloum ‘Vittatum’