Philodendron is definitely one of the most popular house plants today. It has been gracing indoor gardens as far back as Victorian times. The plants origin is from the tropical forest. The two basic types of philodendrons are known as, climbers and non-climbers. They are very easy to grow and will compliment any indoor garden. Conditions at home are suited for the plant and they are very low maintenance.


Philodendrons are grown for their foliage which comes in a variety of sizes and different shades of green. They need very low light level conditions, you can therefore, put them wherever you want in any room of the house. Philodendrons can be cultivated either in a pot on a tabletop or in hanging baskets.


You can grow philodendrons by snipping off and rooting runners, or sections of vines. Make sure you use the vines the shows three to four tiny root nodes. It is best to grow them in a glass partially filled with water. After the roots grow to an inch or more, you can then transplant the plant into a container or pot. Make sure to keep the soil very moist and never let the soil dry out.


Philodendrons plants are so easy to care for. They prefer well drained, potting soil which is full of rich organic matter. Best to apply, organic liquid fertilizer once a month and they will grow well. Keep the plant in low light conditions in any room in your house and they will grow with thick foliage.


The thick leaves of the philodendrons plant should be given a cleaning once every two weeks, using damp sponge or cloth, to help remove dust buildup that is visible on the big, shiny leaves. The plant will whittle out from frost.


Philodendron plants do not have many disease problems, but for an occasional mealy bugs and tiny insects. Eliminate them quickly by using only organic products. Best to use a cloth to apply insecticidal soap on the leaves to help keep annoying insects away.

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