7 Best Plants to Gift During the Holidays

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Plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Adding a plant to any room will automatically light it up like the lights on a Christmas tree. That is just one of the many reasons why plants make great gifts. Indoor plants last for approximately one year and sometimes with the proper care even longer. Plants also have many health benefits. Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost happiness, reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and the common cold. 

Other studies tested on plants have shown that indoor plants aid in reducing pollution in the air, meaning your loved ones will be breathing in the cleanest air possible with plants nearby. Plants are great for holding people accountable and giving them a sense of accomplishment. Plants require time and patience. They do not grow overnight and will not thrive without necessary care requirements. In a sense, they are like pets; they need to be fed, given water, and have their soil changed out from time to time, just like some pets. In truth, plants, no matter how small, give purpose. It is also a de-stressing activity. Potting plants can be a soothing and therapeutic experience for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. 

It can be hard to decide what plant to get loved ones for Christmas. Although plants make great holiday gifts, many of them require a lot of maintenance. Some of them are even poisonous to fur babies. Before buying a plant for a present, research the type of plant you’ll be gifting. Knowing the person receiving the gift is helpful since you will know at least the basics of what they need regarding care requirements and four-legged family members. For example, a plant that requires a lot of maintenance may not be the best choice for a flight attendant friend. It is good to give a stylish pot, plant food, and even a care sheet with tips and information along with the holiday plant. The more gifts, the better! Refer to this holiday plant gift guide to find the best plants to gift this holiday season. 

7 Best Holiday Plants

This article lists out the 7 top plants for your holiday plant gift guide:

Christmas Cactus

These stunning succulents are almost as beautiful as the ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree. The Christmas cactus lasts for a long time indoors if stored in the right conditions. It might appear to be a complicated succulent to care for but, that isn’t the case. Christmas cacti thrive in humid conditions. If that is not available, there is a way to do it at home. To create humidity at home for a Christmas cactus: place the pot with a drip pan over an open container filled with pebbles. Pour water over the stones but make sure not to cover the bottom layer entirely with water. As the water evaporates, humidity is created! Keep this cactus outside for the last three weeks of summer until October or before the temperature dips for full, bright, colorful blooms. 


With over 600 varieties of Amaryllis, there are many options to choose between. Amaryllis is a low anxiety, low maintenance gift. It is planted with only the top of the bulb showing, teasing the recipient of the surprise to come. They are fast-growing and easy to ship for long-distance friends. If taken care of properly, the Amaryllis can last for a long time. The Amaryllis requires food every week to two weeks during their blooming times. If the plant has not blossomed yet, do not wet the portion of the bulb that is showing. Ensure this plant has a sunny spot inside. Beware, the bulb of the Amaryllis is highly toxic if ingested by pets. 


Poinsettia plants might be the plant most associated with the holiday season. History has it that Poinsettias became a symbol for Christmas because Franciscan Priests used them to adorn Nativity scenes in Southern Mexico in the 1600s. Other stories about the history of Poinsettia include a poor little girl who had no gifts for baby Jesus, so; she left him a weed that blossomed into a Poinsettia. Another story goes that the shape of the Poinsettia plant resembles the star the 3 wise men followed. Allow the soil to dry a little bit before watering, so the roots do not become drenched in water. Beware! Like the Amaryllis, Poinsettias; although they are beautiful, Poinsettias are somewhat dangerous to animals. Poinsettias contain a poisonous sap that, if ingested by pets, can cause vomiting and diarrhea.


Rosemary is such a unique plant to have on a holiday plant gift guide. It is a versatile gift! Tiny Christmas trees are cut from rosemary plants for those who cannot fit a standard-sized tree in their homes. Rosemary is a very aromatic plant that is edible! Rosemary can be used in almost any dish. It is best used as a seasoning, served with chicken or fish. Rosemary has many health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory chemical compounds, and is proven to improve brain function and aids with memory. Rosemary helps get rid of anxiety and stress. It is often made into oils to be applied topically so people can reap the full benefits of its healing properties.


This beautiful, snow-white flower is a great holiday gift to give. An excellent gift idea is to put these fragrant flowers in a bulb forcing vase. A fun idea is to decorate the vase with different decorations such as stickers, paint, and tinsel. Paperwhite plants are a great way to let your creative side show.


Cyclamen comes in a variety of colors like white, purple, and red. The brightly colored bulbs on the Cyclamen help make this holiday plant stand out amongst the crowds of red and green. This plant does best when in direct sunlight. Always keep the soil a little wet but never saturate it. If left to drown in water, it is a quick way to lead the Cyclamen into root rot.

Moth Orchids

Orchids make great gifts for any time of year and any occasion because they are known to be a durable plant and great for first-time home gardeners. Moth orchids come in a wide variety of shades and colors like pink and green. Moth orchids also come in patterns such as striped and spotted! These Orchids prefer a window with a lot of sunlight as they will not survive if put in a shady spot. 

Conclusion Plants will forever be a wonderful gift for friends, family, and loved ones alike during the holidays. Finding a plant that can bloom time and time again for years, lasting throughout generations, could be a gift that keeps on giving, creating not just a one-holiday gift but rather a family heirloom. Use this holiday plant gift guide as a good starting point to search for that perfect centerpiece.


Rosemary made the holiday plant gift guide due to its versatility. If you know someone who loves to cook, enjoys plants in their kitchen, enjoys fragrances, or even simply likes unique gifts, then Rosemary or other herb types are lovely gift ideas.

Whether you should gift a baby plant or a full-grown plant; ultimately depends on the person receiving the plant and the plant type. Hoya hearts, for example, are cute succulents that should be gifted as singular baby plants. Unlike the Christmas cactus that will not reap its glory unless it has become somewhat full-grown, at least enough to produce blooms. Baby versus full-grown plants also depends on the care levels. Baby plants usually require more work than plants that have reached their peak.

From this article’s list of plants, the Christmas cactus, Rosemary, and Moth Orchids are non-toxic to dogs and cats. The Poinsettia is toxic to animals to some extent, but it is rarely fatal or causes any long-term damage. Typically, Poinsettia ingestion will cause gastrointestinal upset like vomiting or diarrhea, but that is the extent of their bad reputation.

All plants will require some type of maintenance to survive and a little more TLC if you want them to thrive. If you are in search of a relatively low-maintenance flower, though, the Orchid will be an excellent option. Orchids come in various colors, and they do not require much work aside from occasional watering and bright indirect sunlight.

A few different types of indoor plants can be gifted with the intention of blooming year after year. However, the most popular generational flower is the Christmas cactus. There have been Christmas cactuses written into wills and passed down to grandkids. Imagine giving a gift that will live on for decades.

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