7 Best Plants for Yoga Lovers

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If you are a yoga lover, you probably want an indoor plant. An indoor plant can make your yoga studio more inviting. Placing an indoor plant inside your yoga studio will add color and liveliness to the room. So, what are the best plants for yoga lovers? If you are a yoga lover who is thinking of investing in indoor plants for your studio, there are things you may want to consider. Some of these things include how much maintenance is required, the amount of sunlight needed, and the size of the plant you want. Once you take in all those considerations, it is time to choose your plant.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Plants for Yoga Lovers

Ensuring a plant will fit into your lifestyle is the only way to set your plant and yourself up for success.

How Much Sunlight Does Each Room Get?

Each plant requires different levels of sun and shade. You should not buy a shade-loving plant if your yoga studio has many windows and is bright, or vice versa. Many plants need bright, but indirect sunlight and those types of plants are the best kinds to purchase for your yoga space. Some plants will burn in direct sunlight, like the snake plant. You can tell if the ends of the leaves are burnt if they are turning brown and brittle.

How Much Time is Required to Care for the Plant?

All plants need care, some more than others. Doing yoga can be time-consuming, so you do not want to add more to your plate by buying a time-consuming plant. Some plants are very high maintenance and will require a lot of your time. If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant, consider buying one that does not need to be pruned. Don’t buy a plant just to neglect it. Purchase a plant that will thrive with you as its owner. Many plants do not require much maintenance, and that is the type of plant that is best in yoga studios for forgetful people.

How Much Space is in Your Yoga Studio?

Be mindful of how much space you have in your studio when purchasing a plant. Many small plants can grow into large plants when they mature, so make sure you have allotted enough space for your plant to grow. If you have a smaller yoga studio, you can still fit a beautiful plant in it. Some plants are small enough to fit in jars to place on top of shelves.

Will a Plant Add to the Aesthetic of Your Yoga Studio?

What does your yoga studio look like? What color is the wall of the room? If you are looking for a bright and colorful plant to add to your room, consider buying a golden pothos or an African violet. Certain plants like lavender and chamomile have strong, sweet smells that can add to the aesthetic of the yoga studio.

Will the Plant Purify the Air in the Studio?

Yes, plants are known to be natural air purifiers, and they will purify the air in your yoga studio no matter what plant you choose. However, some plants are better at this than others. The Boston fern, Chinese evergreens, and ornamental peppers are all examples of plants with excellent air-purifying properties that you can put in your yoga studio. The bonus is the ability to save money on purchasing an air purifier for your yoga studio.

7 Best Plants for Yoga Lovers

After reviewing all the above considerations and deciding to purchase an indoor plant for a yoga studio, you probably want to know the best types of plants to add to your space. Many great plants can add to the atmosphere of your yoga studio if you’re a yoga lover. Even though this list highlights the top seven best indoor plants for yoga lovers, various plants can benefit a yoga lover.

1.   Rubber Plant

First on our list of the best plants for yoga lovers, a rubber plant, requires bright, indirect light. With a rubber plant, you should water it moderately. Always check the top two inches of the soil before watering your rubber plant. If the soil is still moist, you can hold off on watering it. Rubber plants come in various sizes and will need pruning occasionally. A rubber plant can grow as tall as eight feet high.

2.   Bamboo Palm – One of the Best Plants for Yoga Lovers

The bamboo palm needs bright and indirect sunlight to thrive. Do not place a bamboo palm in bright direct sunlight; they are not suited for that. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings. The bamboo palm can reach 10-12′ tall. Bamboo palms also have great air-purifying qualities and breathing in fresh air during yoga is very beneficial.

3.   Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is a beautiful plant that needs to be watered approximately every ten days. The Golden Pothos is very easy to care for and can thrive in most conditions. It is a low-maintenance plant, almost effortless. Golden pothos also has air purifying properties. It needs indirect but bright sunlight to grow. This plant does okay when neglected, so it is okay if you are forgetful. This plant will still survive, and the leaves are beautiful bright green and yellow.

4.   Lavender

Another of the best plants for yoga lovers is Lavender, with its relaxing, soothing properties. Lavender is the perfect indoor plant for a yoga lover. It needs full sun and well-drained soil; make sure you have plenty of light if you purchase a lavender plant. Lavender plants also need well-drained soil. This soothing plant is recommended for sleep because of its great, relaxing smell. Since the plant requires full sun, it will need to be placed near a window. Lavender plants produce pretty purple flowers that will add to the aesthetic of your yoga room.

5.   African Violet

The African violet needs bright but indirect light. Make sure the potting mix you use for your African violet is well-draining. African violets help rid the air of harmful toxins and increase the oxygen flow to your brain. African violets aid in relaxation, making it the perfect plant for yoga lovers. Beautiful dark purple flowers are made from African violet.

6.   Snake Plants

Snake plants are some of the best plants for yoga lovers, as they will help to remove toxins from the air. They are great oxygen-producing plants but, do not overwater your snake plant, or it will die. Snake plants require indirect light; intense light will burn the plant’s leaves. A snake plant will grow in the shade or indirect light, but it will grow fast in well-lit places. Snake plants are beautiful and excellent plants for the yoga studio.

7.   Peace Lily – Among the very best plants for yoga lovers!

Peace lilies are low-maintenance plants that purify the air. Peace lilies need indirect light and shade to prosper and grow. This plant also promotes restful sleep and can absorb airborne mold spores, known to cause allergens. Water at least once a week and mist the plant occasionally with a spray bottle to help the plant stay humid and hydrated during the summer months.

Best Plants for Yoga Lovers – The Wrap-up

Now that you know the top seven best indoor plants for yoga lovers, which one will you choose to add to your Zen space? Will you choose the beautiful and low-maintenance golden pothos? How about a rubber plant that can grow to almost ten feet tall? No matter which of these plants you choose for your yoga studio, you will add to the room’s atmosphere in a significant way.


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