12 Tiny Garden Ideas for The Home

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When people think about gardening, they think of these extensive, lush areas filled with vegetables, fruits, or flowers, typically found in someone’s backyard. They don’t realize a garden can be small or big, outside, or inside, and as personalized as you want to make it.

The beauty of gardening is the ability to be innovative with it, to put your little spin on it to make it your own. When it comes to in-house gardening, it can be that one thing that can illuminate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or wherever you wish to show it off, and it doesn’t have to be this over-the-top extravagant concept.

Tiny garden ideas are the cornerstone to making a house a home, and below, you will see twelve creative ideas that can be incorporated to give a home the cozy feeling you strive to achieve.

1. Gardening Wall – Tiny Garden

1. Gardening Wall tiny garden

When you walk inside a house, most people have pictures hanging up on the wall, but you can try a gardening wall to stand out from the rest. The smell of flowers or vegetation is sure to send shockwaves to any guest you may have over. Add a bench and some cushions, and it becomes the centerpiece of your house where you can host game nights or just enjoy a cup of tea with a neighbor.

2. A Kids Corner

a kid corner

For those of us with our cute bundle of joy, we can make gardening a family event. It’s already known that doing things with the family can make the activity much more enjoyable. So, what better way to include the family than by creating a kid’s corner, where your child can play and get their first exposure to taking care of something. You can use some wood to frame in a box, fill the area with soil, and let your little ones help plant flowers. Grab kids size shovels, rakes, and even let them decorate rocks to make it all their own.

3. Add A Dining Area with Flowers Surrounding

3. Add A Dining Area with Flowers Surrounding tiny garden

A dining area surrounded by flowers and flowering centerpieces is truly blissful indoors or outside. Eating outdoors is always a preferred option to avoid the hustle and distraction created by an indoor environment. Imagine a scenery of plants around you, vines hanging from arbors, the smell of flowers lingering around your food, and soaking in the flowering beauty under the stars. It can give you the ambiance to connect with the person across from you, or it can allow for just a quiet, serene time for you to clear your mind and get a bite to eat.

4. Hammock Garden-Tiny Garden

Just like eating in your garden can be a relaxing experience, so can taking a little nap. Lay under the sun, the stars, or simply have it for decoration. A hammock is an exemplary addition to one’s garden. Sleeping with nature is always advised since it can do wonders for one’s mental health. Adding a hammock to your garden and weaving in vines or other plant types can create a space you will never want to leave.

5. Fence Planters

First impressions can move mountains. What someone sees on the outside of your house could determine how they feel once they walk inside. What better way to leave a lasting impression than having some fence plants adding a touch of character and charm to your fence or hanging right along the railing before guests approach the front door. Again, the ambiance is always the calling card, and having an excellent little planter hanging around can do wonders for that ambiance.

6. Add A Gravel Garden Pathway

6. Add A Gravel Tiny Garden Pathway

No garden should only be observed from a distance. To truly get into the pleasure of having a garden, there needs to be some interaction. Adding a gravel path is a tiny garden idea that promotes socialization and conversation. To walk through a garden with a houseguest invites conversation; it allows them to inquire about all the plants surrounding them.

7. Add Sculptures – Tiny Garden

7. Add Sculptures - Tiny Garden

Like with the path, sculptures can be conversation pieces and allow certain parts of your garden to stand out. If you have a specific plant that you are proud of, you can add a sculpture to attract attention to the plant. It can also be used as a scarecrow and could potentially scare away animals who may want to put your plants in danger.

8. Dwarf Trees

When it comes to tiny garden ideas, one of the cutest ideas can be dwarf trees. Usually lining the house’s front yard, they come in many colors to suit any person’s taste. Dwarf trees are just small enough they won’t overtake the house yet; big enough, they leave a visual impact. Just like a typical tree, once planted into the ground, they are easily maintainable and capable of providing decades worth of beauty; neighbors could be jealous.

9. Window Boxes

When you open your windows in the morning on a sunny, clear sky day, what better to look at than blooming flowers. It gives that extra spark to let you know that the day will be good, beauty is always good for the soul, and it doesn’t get any better than plants hanging outside your window. It’s also very convenient to have them at arm’s length to be easily watered and maintained. Even on a rainy day when one may feel down and gloomy, seeing these plants lined up against your window can always leave you smiling. Take the plants from your garden and place them along your windows to add a spark to your day.

10. Plant Tray

Take that tray that you never use, fill it up with some of the most gorgeous small plants you can find, and presto, an instant decorative piece. Making plants stand out doesn’t always need to be a pocket-breaking adventure. Sometimes it just requires a little creative thinking. We all have a dining table that we wish we could use more of but don’t, so instead of having it collect dust, fill it with vegetation, and now you have a centerpiece unmatched by any other.

11. Potted Fruit Trees

Flowers can be a beautiful addition to one’s house. But a little fruit tree can be just as good. Fruit trees do require a little more maintenance and attention, so be aware of that. Otherwise, the colors and vibrancy can be a remarkable addition to a house.

12. Raised Beds

One tiny garden idea that can also be handy is a raised bed. A two-floor table holds the vegetation on top and can keep the supplies used to maintain the vegetation on the bottom. Now instead of having to go and grab the supplies, they can be at your disposal immediately.

Get Your Tiny Garden Creative Juices Flowing

Finding tiny gardens ideas in and around a home is all about getting creative. Use what you have or find empty space and use your imagination on how you can bring that space to life.


Gardening does not always have to be expensive, but it can be. Tiny gardens can be created by using items you already have around the home. If you want to spend money buying unique items to use, you can, but it is not required to get creative with plants.

No, you can create raised garden beds indoors or outdoors. Typically, when you think of a raised bed, you picture them outside. However, you can transform a side table or dining table into a raised bed for a unique look. 

There is no best tiny garden. It is strictly based on what fits your space and personal tastes. Vertical wall gardens add life to an area and can easily take the centerpiece of any area. In contrast, window planters are quaint but capable of adding so much character to a space. Let your love for plants run away with your imagination when coming up with tiny garden ideas that will work for you.

Tiny gardens can reap many benefits. Plants are proven to boost moods and improve mental health as well as purify the air. Creating a kid’s corner can provide benefits to kids by teaching them how to care for living things as well as letting them get their hands dirty and creative juices flowing. Gardening indoors or outdoors is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature.

The necessary tools will vary depending on what you decide to do for a garden or what you choose to add to your garden. A good base for any gardening venture is plants, soil, watering can, water, shovel, hand trowel, and containers.

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